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Owned by Mediterranean Maison, Inc., the same owners of Chicken Maison Restaurants, Four Brothers Burger Grill is the latest venture for the Karame Family. Behind it all is Mario and his four sons, Sam, Ramsey, Tarek and Omar Karame.


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My kids and I ate there today.  The food was fantastic.  The burgers are cooked open flame grill.  The way they are cooked makes them crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.  The beef they use is very high quality and it makes a big difference in the taste.  By far this is my first choice burger as far as taste goes.  This includes burgers from "The Counter," Five Guys, Fatburger, Rod's Charbroiler or In and Out.

Redondo Beach, CA

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Recently discovered this burger grill and really enjoy the burgers!  The $5 cheeseburger special is the best deal in town!  You can even choose from swiss, cheddar, or american cheese.  The burger is cooked to order, a really nice thick patty with grilled onions.  The fries are delicious, I suggest trying the wild fries, its similar to animal style fries at in-n-out except no cheese.  The burgers are delicious and the staff is really friendly!

With many thanks, Helen Tompson
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Came here on a Sunday morning to grab some quick breakfast. FANTASTIC! Food was great and cheap. We got 2 breakfast burritos and the total was only $5. The burritos were simple egg, cheese, hash brown but they were delicious. I finally found a good spot for some breakfast burritos. YUMM. I will definitely becoming here again and trying other foods.

Everything looked so good can't wait to stop by again!

Thank You again, Alan Smith
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